The key to knitting these intarsia motifs is: bobbins. I don’t wind my yarn onto actual bobbins, but I use several different strands to serve their purpose. In lieu of physical bobbins, I just cut the working yarns into several lengths: long enough to hopefully not run out before the swatch is done, but short enough to easily untangle with a few simple tugs. Especially when I’m working on a swatch with several colors, these “arm’s length bobbins” are crucial.

knitted swatch of key motif

Another key to this ongoing “motif of the week” project is weaving in ends! Because of all the color changes and intarsia bobbins, there’s a pretty healthy number of ends on the back of each swatch. I dutifully weave them in right when I’m finished knitting, or else it would get out of control! I am saving all the swatches to sew together into a blanket, so it would be foolhardy (at best) to try to save all the ends-weaving for later. It’s good practice, though! Between the seaming and the ends-weaving, I’m finding myself pretty adept with a tapestry needle.

key chart for knitting

What’s the key to your project success? Maybe embellishing your next knitting endeavor with the key motif will help you unlock some successful secrets. ;-)