So, I spent several hours yesterday making and editing video for a tutorial. My big plan was to launch my series of video knitting/fiber tutorials with today’s post! It turns out, iMovie ’09 has a known problem – I can’t even call it a bug at this point – where it lacks the “Save” function. It’s supposed to be this seamlessly updating process wherein you don’t HAVE to save it, but in practice, it’s actually just a huge liability, as the program is fairly unstable, likely to crash, and the so-called automatic saves don’t actually stick, and no data is recoverable. So I lost a few hours of work yesterday. Twice.

How about some pictures of yarn instead? I’m sure I have those around here somewhere…

My first handspun project on my new wheel. It’s been a delight to get to know it! This yarn started out as this merino fiber, and I was pretty surprised at how much darker the color the finished project is. Still, it was awesome to watch the different tones in the heathered blue/green mix blend and vary throughout the project. It should knit up with some variation in color, but not too much… just right.

My second project on my new wheel. This one was a great learning experience for me, because I used fibers I might not have ordinarily picked, and combined them in a way I hadn’t before. I had the October shipment of my Art Club Batt subscription, which is a wool/tencel/alpaca/nylon blend, and a roving that I received sight-unseen in a swap, that was merino and bamboo. Both fibers were really shiny! Isn’t the finished yarn pretty?

Because I had different amounts of the two fibers, I ended up doing a 3-ply yarn with two blue and one green strand. I love the effect of a true, 3-bobbin 3-ply, and I was particularly proud of my ability to eyeball the yardage when I split up the two halves of the blue. When I was finished making the final yarn, I only had a few inches of difference leftover in the remaining blue single. It was a lucky break! But I’ll go ahead and keep claiming it was allllll skill. ;-)