I think I’ve said before that I’m trying not to do too many food images for the Motif Monday series. Now I know why I should stick to that intention… Working on this swatch and writing this post is making me hungry! I’m a huge sushi fan, and if you are too, then today’s Motif should be instantly recognizable for you.

knitted sushi (nigiri)

Nigiri sushi pieces are iconic for their uniform shape and unmistakable seaweed “belts.” I used pink to represent salmon, but with a few changes in color, or maybe some afterthought embroidery, you could do the whole range of sushi choices! How about a few orange French knots to look like the tobiko roe, or a little shrimp tail for the ebi? The possibilities are endless… and delicious.

nigiri sushi knitting chart for intarsia

This was totally a bad idea. I’m craving sushi now! Maybe I should knit up some maki rolls… and a little tea set for green tea?