Last week, I hinted that I’d be sharing something other than handspun for the Fiber Arts Blog Carnival. I’ve been spinning up a storm, with plenty still to share (before pictures included, in some cases!), but I’ve been keeping busy in other fibery ways, too. Here they are:

Owls! I know owl images are super trendy right now, but I think part of that is because they’re easy to recreate. Their relatively simple shapes and strongly distinguishable characteristics make them a goldmine for rendering in a host of intriguing, plush, adorable, and of course, fibery ways. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, all over the web but also in knitting, either with colorwork, cables, or soft sculptures. My version? Felted and needle felted.

If you haven’t tried needle felting, you should. It’s really magical to watch wool come together into felt before your eyes, and as an added bonus, you get to relieve stress by repeatedly stabbing your project with sharp needles! These little owls have a tiny bit of sewing but they’re mostly felted together, which gives them a fun dimensionality and leaves me lots of room to play. I’m working on a frog model, too. (Frogs are similar to owls in that their features are so distinguished, they’re easy to mimic… but frogs have more detail! I mean, legs! Jeeesh.)

The raw materials for these projects are primarily thrift store sweaters. This is SUCH a fun medium! There’s a wealth of real wonderful wool to be found in a good thrift store expedition, much of it disguised in the form of sweaters you wouldn’t wish on an enemy. Some of these are great for unraveling to repurpose the yarn, some come pre-felted by unwitting laundry doers of their previous life, and some just need a trip through the wash to become the perfect fodder for cutting, sewing, and of course, needle felting. I’m steadily growing my collection of colors (and felting tools) to make a whole menagerie! It’s fun when I’m procrastinating deadline knitting. What fiber art will I fall into next?