Even though I have other projects vying for my attention right now, the neon Jaywalkers are flying off the needles. Something about this pattern just “clicks” with me– I find it easy yet compelling to knit, and the socks practically grow themselves. I finished the first one in near-record time, and am working my way down the second sock.

Have you worked with Shibui Sock before? I have, but it wasn’t for socks. I really like how springy and soft it is, and of course the bright, bold colors are fun. But I was surprised to finish the first sock with only this much yarn left! It was as close as I’ve come to running out of yarn for a ladies’ size sock. I’m wondering if I got a bad skein or something.

In any case, I’m holding my breath a little bit for the second sock. I doubt I’ll run out, especially since I have that teensy ball of leftovers from the first sock as “insurance,” but it’s still a little worrisome. That’s a great benefit of starting the second sock right away, instead of waiting months to do it– less risk of knitting it at a different gauge, meaning the second sock should take the same amount of yarn as the first. I’ll be paying close attention, though!

As you may know, I’m normally not a pink-and-purple person. I do love bright hues, but pink is something I would probably never wear, and rarely buy for my crafting endeavors. That’s why it’s really funny that the very same week I’ve been knitting away at these pinky socks, look what made its way through my spinning wheel:

I swear, this handspun has the exact same colors as the Jaywalkers. I need to get better pictures of it before I formally share it, but suffice to say that it’s very soft and nice, but totally bright pink and purple (and orange)! Longtime readers know that “my favorite color” is a topic I’ve talked about at length on this blog, but never very definitively because it often changes. I’m not going to go into it here! Let’s just say that this bright pink thing is a little crafting phase, not big enough to warrant a change-of-favorite discussion. OK?