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autumn acorn

I know I promised to start producing by-request motifs, but I couldn’t resist another seasonal one first. I just love autumn… October and November are easily my favorite months of the year, and the seasons really do affect the direction of my creative endeavors, and I had to do a fall-theme motif this week. An acorn! I’m still tinkering with a full-foliage fall tree, and the acorn was kind of a simpler off-shoot of that idea.


Sometimes with color knitting (as with lots of other things in art and life in general!), simpler is better. I’m as eager to knit a brightly colored autumn tree as I am to view them each year, but that’s a lot of colors and detail to try to translate into knitting. To do it justice, the motif would have to be huge (a large number of pixels/stitches) and involve more colors than many people are comfortable knitting with. In some ways, it’s more effective to just simplify it down to its little nut essence: an acorn is something that’s easy to knit, instantly recognizable, and as emblematic of autumn as the impressive display of foliage that produces it.

acorn chart

To knit your own acorn, you can right-click the chart to save and print it or use it however else you wish. You can browse the Motif of the Week archives for other seasonal knitting charts, or request a future Monday Motif in the comments below or through my contact form.