I don’t know about this. I’m normally a confident knitter, but I’ve always had a “thing” about making hats. I’ve never been totally pleased with any hat I’ve made, usually the fit is off, and sometimes everything is off. Since I generally take pride in my ability to handle challenging knitting projects, and most people count most hats among easy knitting projects, this is a hang-up I’d like to get over. I figured the opportunity to make my aunt Pearl a selection of chemo caps would be the perfect way to get into the groove with hat knitting. I figured Paper Moon (Ravelry link only) would be the perfect pattern to get it started, since it’s got a good dose of the fancy lace/cable knitting I like, and a little less of the regular in-the-round hat knitting I don’t like.

I don’t know. I enjoy the hat knitting itself – it barely took four days – but I’m a little skeptical about the finished hat. I know these head models are smaller than actual heads, so it’s hard to tell about the fit. Since my head is bigger than average, I can’t use it as a guide very well, either! I think most of my skepticism with this hat is a yarn problem. I used Dream in Color Classy— the color is just perfect for Pearl and I’d heard good things about it. I’m a little disappointed though… it isn’t nearly as soft as the superwash worsted I am used to.

blue needles

The yarn’s dye rubbed off fairly noticeably on my needles while I worked with it, and more significantly, on my hands. If my fingers turned blue when I knitted it, is her head going to get blue when she wears it? Now, having been a yarn dyer who also provided yarn customer service, I’m normally pretty forgiving about this sort of thing. However, I don’t want to treat it with vinegar since certain smells can be unusually offensive to chemo patients.

bowl of bleeding dye

My strategy was to just wash and block the hat and hope for the best. But the washing just brought more worries and perceived hat problems to my attention! Like many superwash wools, this yarn streeeeetched out mightily when soaked. All of a sudden I had a hat for a giant’s noggin! I gave it some time in the dryer to even things out, but still, I’m concerned about the fit. I probably won’t give up being concerned about it, because I have a “hat problem”! A devoted knitter who can’t make a decent hat.. I’m doomed, right?

On a more positive note, I did enjoy the actual knitting of this hat– I didn’t find it boring which is great. I also really like the vintage button I found in my stash! But I don’t know– I just don’t have that great “finished project” feeling about this one. Hopefully Pearl will like the fit and feel and be able to wear it… that’s what counts, right? Yes, it’s the same aunt Pearl for whom I offer the Pearl’s Diamond Socks download and donate the proceeds to cancer research. Yes, I am still trying to solve her health problems with knitting! Although I guess the medical treatments are usually more effective.

Anyone have any suggestions for totally awesome hat or chemo cap patterns? Ideally I’d like something that’s exciting to knit and a little fresh/funky looking, but that I’d settle for one that virtually guarantees a good fit. I need a little boost!