Sorry. ‘Tis the season for seasonal imagery! So many of these late-in-the-year holidays and climatic changes are just so iconic, they beg to be made into knitting charts. I had to go there! Besides, now somebody’s desperate need to embellish a knitting project with a jack-o-lantern chart can now be fulfilled.

knitted jack-o-lantern chart

Every year in late October, I am always very impressed by the people who make pumpkin carving a real art. When I see those intricately carved scenes, or expressive and lifelike fantasy faces, I am always blown away– I can’t do much more with pumpkin carving than a triangle eye and jagged grin. Similarly, I figured it would be best to stick with the basics for the knitted version… sometimes in these colorwork charts, simple is better in terms of showing up clearly and “reading” as what it’s supposed to be. There’s no reason you couldn’t adjust the facial features to represent your pumpkin personality when you knit your own version, though!

pumpkin chart for knitting

I’m really pleased with this little pumpkin chart, but in general I have mixed feelings about doing too many “holiday” motifs. Let me know what you think… do you love the idea of being able to add seasonal icons to your holiday-time projects, or do you feel like you’re likely to become completely saturated and overwhelmed at the amount of holiday hype already out there? What would you like to see in future Motif of the Week charts?