I feel like I should be awarded the “Way to Go” blogging cookie for this. I am about to provide you with a rarely seen treat here on Skyline Chilly… actual before and after pictures. I remembered to take the “before”! This never happens. I’ll have plenty of upcoming posts of handspun yarn and knitting projects that are lacking “befores”, so relish this while you can. It’s a felting project:

I’m calling this project my “bullseye” kitty pi. As you may have seen, I’ve knitted these kitty pi’s for my London in the past, but when we moved recently, I couldn’t bring myself to take them with. They were just SO covered in cat hair, that I felt like they would make the items they would be packed with, and then the nice new appartment, filthy-by-association. So we left the older ones behind and have started fresh in the new digs.

Wendy Johnson’s Kitty Pi is a great pattern. It’s quick and easy to knit, and it’s a great stashbuster for almost any feltable wool yarn. I’ve seen some nice ones that use thinner yarns held together, but this version is made from just over two skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky. (The red is leftover from my Estes vest.) The other great part about this pattern is that it makes a near-perfect kitty bed. I know what you’re thinking: but do the cats really like the pi’s as beds? Let’s see:

She loves them. Before I’d had time to make the new one, she was roaming all over the house, trying out different places for napping. Now she can really settle in because she has “her” spot again. Home is where the Pi is. When you’re a kitty, that is. I actually first gave it to her when it was still warm from the dryer. If that isn’t cat heaven, I don’t know what is!

The Lamb’s Pride Bulky is a perfect yarn for felting. As you can see, there’s very little of the original stitch definition remaining, and just the right amount of halo– not too fuzzy. (It will become fuzzy enough with cat hair over time!) But I know you’re not looking at the stitch definition. You’re looking at the kitty! Awwwwwww. Who needs “before” pictures when you’ve got “after” pictures like this?!