I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the neatest aspects of doing a weekly colorwork chart (except when on hiatus ;-) is using seasonal or holiday themes to guide the motif selections. Judging from my feed reader and other internet perusal, not to mention any retail store, Halloween is among the holidays that really excite everyone to participate, decorate, and craft, in the spirit. Luckily for me, its images are also very iconic, and lend themselves ideally to becoming knitted motifs.

black cat

To be honest, I’ve had a request for a kitty motif for quite a while, so I rendered this black cat in a non-Halloween pose. You could change the color selections and have any old housecat, begging for its milk or afternoon petting.  But in the colors I used, this kitty’s saying, “Don’t cross MY path!”

cat motif chart

I have some more seasonal motifs coming up in the next few weeks. If there’s interest in it, I would be happy to rework the cat chart into the typical “arched and snarling” black cat silhouette, too. Let me know, along with any other suggestions or requests for future Motif Mondays, in the comments below or on my contact form.