Have you checked out the Fiber Arts Friday Blog Carnival? Katy, aka “Alpaca Farm Girl,” hosts it every Friday. As a fiber farmer, she comes at fiber arts from a somewhat different perspective than many of us knitting/Ravelry enthusiasts, so there’s always an interesting mix of fiber arts links of all types to peruse. Also, since spinning is one of my favorite expressions of fiber art, the Fiber Friday coincides perfectly with the Fridays that I have handspun yarn pr0n to show off.

moody hues yarn

I decided it’s not too cutesy if I call this skein of yarn “Moody Hues.” After all, I’m not normally a purple person, but the way it blends with the midnight blue and chocolate brown, all highlighted by gray-sky-gray, really appeals to me. As always with spinning, it’s so delightful to watch the colors mix up and present themselves in sometimes surprising ways as you go along. It’s never exactly what you’re expecting, but it’s almost always awesome!

moody hues detail

Once again I’ve failed to take a “before” picture for a spinning project, but I do have a link to the original roving if you’re curious. It’s 125 grams of superwash merino, and at 2-ply it worked out to approximately 160 yards of worsted weight yarn. Spinning superwash merino is such a treat. It’s so soft and silky, and the resulting yarn is always drapey and delicious. Therefore, I think this skein would be ideal for a little triangle scarf. “They’re so hot right now!”

moody hues skein

As you may know, we recently moved across country. My spinning wheel made it off the truck unharmed, thank goodness! Rob has a great new job here, but I’m currently unemployed. With that in mind, there’s no harm in mentioning that this yarn is up in my Etsy shop, right?