According to my website analytics, having my patterns linked to from Knitting Pattern Central has been the biggest source of traffic to this blog.  Obviously, if you are looking for fiber arts content or knitting patterns, this is your type of blog and you’re in the right place. However, there is part of my blog’s content that continually brings traffic from all over the web, visitors for whom the knit-blog-o-sphere is not a second home, or even on their radar. I’m talking of course about the video game enthusiasts who click on by to check out the Super Mario Mushrooms pattern.

That’s one of the things I love about knitting. It all boils down to just knit and purl, but you can combine the elements to please any taste: elegant garments, kid-friendly toys, gastronomic delights, technological tie-ins, etc, etc.  Any knitter with an appropriate set of tools and a big enough yarn stash could make something to interest any non-knitter in a variety of ways. So it wasn’t a big surprise to me when my Mushrooms pattern attracted the interest of the online mycology community. Along with all the video game sites it’s been shown on, my pattern is now featured on the mushroom blog MycoRant!

knitted morel mushroom

I just love the idea of sharing fiber arts with the outside world by using knitting to pique the interest of other enthusiasts. There are people out there who are as devoted to their niche interest as we are about knitting, and a good knitting chart with their interest emblazoned on it is sure to bring some enthusiasm our way! So to celebrate the nod from MycoRant and welcome any mycologist visitors to my site, I’ve created a Morel mushroom chart for today’s Motif of the Week.

morel chart

If you didn’t know, morel mushrooms are wild-growing edible mushrooms that are highly sought after by collectors during their limited growing season. If you already knew that, then you are ready to embellish your knitted gear with your favorite fungi for the next foray! How about morel-theme hat and fingerless gloves for a chilly spring morning out hunting? You can use this chart for intarsia or stranded knitting to make your very own version of this tasty treat. Simply right-click it to download it to your computer and print it or use it how you wish!

As always, if you have ideas for other niche interests or anything else you’d like to see represented in color knitting, please send me your suggestions. I’ve got a queue of your ideas waiting to be churned out into charts in the next couple weeks!