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shrug, slouch, nod

OK, let’s get the basics out of the way first: I knitted this amazing Macro Lace Cardigan, much of it during our cross-country drive, and it’s made out of 4 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl Ten, so it’s wonderfully soft and comfy.

I apparently have a thing for Laura Chau patterns this season! I’ve knitted three Milkweeds and a Thermal in the past few months, and now this. I love them all, too, so I guess there’s just something about her style and technique that “click” with my tastes. It’s nice when projects work out with a little serendipity like that.

While working this, I did some thinking about shrugs (as a garment type and knitting project category). Thing is, this is my third one! Both of the other two, and now this one, are still major staples of my wardrobe: comfy, stylish layering pieces that I go to a lot. So what is it about shrugs?

I realized that shrugs are the only type of sweater (cardigan, bolero, jacket, etc) that are named after something you might do while wearing them. You may actually shrug your shoulders while it’s covered by a shrug, and indeed you kind of have to “shrug” into the garment when donning it. I’m thinking that “jumper” doesn’t count in this category, but it would if you just called them “jumps”. (Can you tell I was doing lots of 2X2 rib during this thought process? My mind had lots of room to wander..) Then I had the idea, what about introducing some other garments that are named for related verbs to the body part they cover?

My first idea was a pert, positive hat called “Nod.” Then, what about a big, comfy sweater named “Slouch”? I’m starting a brainstorm list of verbs-related-to-body-parts that also lend themselves nicely to knitted garment shapes/concepts. I’m hoping to turn this list into a collection of designs celebrating body movements! So please, if you have any ideas to contribute to the list of body part actions, leave them in the comments below or contact me. I would also be happy to collaborate with you on the specific design elements of your suggested garment/activity!

But please, I’m going out on a limb here by sharing my idea when it’s still in its infancy, so don’t steal it. Or else I’ll have to knit up some “Smack” gloves and come after you!

Oh, and I’m also looking for a name for the whole concept, something clever to title the series of designs. Any wordsmiths out there?