These few weeks have been full of great news for me. Most notably, Rob has moved in with me, and we get to share our lives and our time and everythink like that, and everyone’s family’s are happy about that. We also get to share our camera, which he had been using for school, which means I don’t have to use a broken one anymore. Had you noticed that my pictures were mostly out of focus? That camera took pictures whenever it wanted too– hope you were ready! So, all of this good news means I’m finally able to join the Yarn Porn Fridays. What could be better than all this good news already? Why, macro shots of yummy yarn!


As I’ve mentioned before, this is the luscious linen that came to me as part of the No Sheep For You secret pal swap. I love this yarn for its kinda thick-n-thin, kinda slubby texture, which you can see clearly now:


I’m extremely pleased with the way this yarn feels and knits. But I really got to appreciate it’s visual beauty when I was rewinding the ball to double the yarn for my knitting project. Although I am a dedicated hand-winder of yarn balls, I appreciate the evenly spaced criss-crosses of the middle of the factory-spun ball.


My hand-wound balls will never look like this, which is one of the reasons I like them, but also one of the reasons I was so struck by the smooth uniformity inside this ball of rough-textured stuff.