Do you use Google Reader? You should, if you have any number of blogs that you read on a regular basis. It’s a very clean, functional, Google-y way of checking for new updates and reading (or saving, or sharing, or not reading) them. The only drawback is that it’s easy to read the post in Google’s interface, and you miss out on the author’s blog layout and sidebar info, so it’s worth clicking through to the original site from time to time.

I use Google Reader to share articles of interest with my friends and family. Someone will flag a craft project, tech article, or recipe for me to view, and sure enough, it’s something I’m interested in trying! It’s like getting to peek at which blogs other people are reading, too. My sister recently shared this article about making scrambled eggs with the steam wand of an espresso machine. I happen to be the proud new owner of a steam-wand-equipped espresso machine, so I had to try it!

Perfect! I prefer my eggs moist and tender, and the steam treatment was perfect for that. And the delight of making an egg breakfast without dirtying a pan! If you like your eggs dry, I’m afraid this method isn’t for you, but all the rest of you espresso-machine-owning runny-eggs-likers, try it. Watch the video, then try it. It’s like magic… you’re standing there with liquid eggs in a mug, the steamer screaming, and then all of a sudden – poof – scrambled eggs!

My secret ingredient in scrambled eggs? A drizzle of black truffle olive oil from France. It was a souvenir I got as a gift! “My boss went to France, and all I got was this truffle oil”..? Eh, not bad!