I’ve really done it this time. I keep saying things like, “I need to get better at sharing before-pictures of my projects” and “Sorry to surprise you with a FO pic, this project went too fast to get WiP shots”, but then I go and pull out something like this.

It’s Thermal in some fingering weight merino that I bought on cones and dyed myself. I didn’t take any pictures when I first started the project, because honestly I was boggling over whether I could even capture this color on camera. If you can believe it, these pictures are pretty much accurate. Here’s the color I was using for inspiration when I dyed it. I’m calling it “Electric Marigold.” It’s bright, right? I love it.

There was a LOT of knitting to do on this project. It was just over 2 months of knitting, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the soft, squishy fabric, and it was great watching it come off of the enjoyably small needles (2.75mm). I toted the sleeves around in my backpack as my “to go” project instead of my customary sock project, so that I could work on them concurrently with the body which I kept for TV knitting. I really wanted to get the sweater finished, and I knew that putting off starting the sleeves could be a bad project pitfall! Now, I’m just glad to be finished and delighted to have so great a sweater to add to my repertoire.

There does exist one in-progress photo, in case you don’t believe me. Somebody on Ravelry really complimented me by calling this sweater “clothes” – because it is so wearable and hardly handmade looking. Well, how many store bought sweaters have the contrast-color provisional cast-on’s LEFT INTACT on their sleeves, hm? I originally did the provisional cast-on above the sleeves’ ribbing, thinking I would adjust the length of the ribbing after the sleeves were set-in. I got many compliments on the color combo of the orange and navy, so when the sleeves were basically the right length, I decided to leave them that way! A fun little detail on a fun little sweater. Perfect.