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scrunchy soft

I’m trying to wear more blue. I don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe, but when I have worn it, I realized it looks good with my eye color and I should try and work it in more often. I have a blue sweater project planned and up next, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for opportunities to wear my latest Milkweed.

With thicker yarn and 6.5mm needles than the original, it’s a little less versatile for summer accessorizing, and will probably have to wait for fall weather to kick in before I can wear it. It’ll be perfect for a chilly day though… the handspun garter stitch is scrunchy and soft.

Do you guys think I talk about the weather too much? I do come from a weather-talking family, and I happen to live in a place where the weather changes drastically. And let’s admit it: weather and knitting are closely related. I have a growing stack of warm woolies and multiple months of warm weather to get through before I can enjoy them! This scarf will be among the first to come out and play when the time is right. Wouldn’t you want to flaunt it?