I finished my handspun cowl over the weekend. I feel like I can hardly make a fanfare over finishing a one-skein garter-stitch rectangle, but I do love the finished result. The cashmere blend yarn is extremely soft and squishy, just right for neck-wearing.

The design is a simple one, inspired somewhat by Wisp. As I worked the rectangle, I made yarnover buttonholes along the cast-on edge and both long edges, and the result is a cowl with lots of options for how it can be buttoned and worn. It can be fastened into a straight cylindrical cowl, or lots of other angular, flippy ways like in these pictures. The sparkly but non-matching vintage buttons, fastened to the bind-off edge, add to the appeal, I think.

This cowl matches my Tempest sweater! I don’t think I’ll be wearing them together, though… too many stripes. I love stripes, but still. I do plan on wearing it a lot! I’m starting to really look forward to cooler weather, as my pile of “newly knitted items I’m longing to wear” is growing. This one is guaranteed to be cozy, warm and versatile, plus I think it looks awesome. Success!