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utterly unglamorous

I finished knitting my Milkweed scarf! I guess I’m fully on board with the “little triangle” scarf trend. I’m waiting for cooler weather to see if they’ll actually be wearable in my wardrobe, but in the meantime I’m fully addicted to knitting them. The projects go fast, and they’re a great use for special stash yarns.

Milkweed was a really fun knit. I’m sure part of that is due to the amazingly soft Malabrigo sock yarn.. I hadn’t worked with it before, and now I don’t understand what took me so long! Particularly in the loose gauge garter stitch of this scarf, it is just squishy and luxuriously soft. I’m wondering how well it holds up to wear and tear when made into socks? It seems almost too good to be true. Let me know if you have any first-hand knowledge! (Or would that be first-foot….?)

You’ll have to excuse the bleach-stained blocking shot. Once it’s dry, I have a feeling that the finished pictures of this scarf are going to be particularly lovely, so hopefully that will make up for my utterly unglamorous blocking technique. I really love the way the colors in this project kind of blended and shaded… it’s definitely a “multi” yarn, but not too busy for the pattern. Just right!