I wanted to show you some of my knitting projects, finished and underway, but I haven’t been able to resist this yarn for knitting, so I figured I shouldn’t try to resist blogging about it, either. I spun it from this roving. Cashmere. It is SO soft, squishy, and bouncy!

It’s a chain 3-ply to preserve the bold stripes. My navajo-plying leaves a little something to be desired, so it’s not the most perfect yarn: a little bumpy and inconsistent. But it doesn’t matter with this fiber… it’s so wonderful for touching, I would knit with *anything* made out of it. I look forward to the chance to spin this base again… and I have a habit of stalking the Loopy Ewe to prove it.

I have a lot of knitting projects going on right now, some with deadline. I reeaaally wasn’t planning on starting a new project. But this yarn practically jumped onto the needles! It just wouldn’t be ignored. I’m just knitting a little garter stitch cowly button-job with it, trying to maximize the yardage, the stripiness, and the next-to-skin softness. Garter stitch with this yarn is just the thing! Squishy.