I may not have been blogging very regularly recently, but I have been spinning up a storm. My spinning projects are kind of all over the place, stash-busting mostly, but there’s one thing in common with all of them: I don’t have pictures of the fiber before I started. I just get so excited to start a new project that I sit down at the wheel and just go! …never thinking to take “before” pictures.

I’m going to try to get in the habit of taking fiber pictures when I first acquire the fiber, instead of waiting ’till it’s too late and I just want to start. In the meantime, does it bother you to see disembodied handspun? Would you rather see the “before” and “after” comparison, or are you just here for some gratuitous yarn pics?

I spun this from my Art Club monthly shipment, a crazy batt of wool, tencel, sparkle, and sari silk threads called “Boy Crazy,” named after the sort of 80’s mall rat colors. Isn’t it fun? These batts are generally just 2 ounces, so to maximize the yardage, I plied it with nylon thread (instead of with itself). I just love the bouncy, nubby texture from the thread plying.

More handspun posts coming up! More knitting, too.