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I do have other knitting to show, but before I get to it, I just wanted to prove my point. Yellow. Again. It’s everywhere! I’m having a hard time telling if yellow things are trendy right now, or if it’s just me noticing it everywhere… since apparently, I’m obsessed.

This lovely skein is Malabrigo Sock in “Turner.” I’ve been eyeing this color for a long time, because I love how weird it is! It’s yellow-but-not, and I’ve seen projects where it works up into a really interesting fabric… almost like metal patina. I haven’t been able to get this yarn OR the project I had in mind for it out of my head, so I finally just caved in and bought it.

Malabrigo Sock

I’m using it to make the Milkweed Shawl from Laura Chau. I started it this weekend, and I just love the way the Malabrigo Sock feels in garter stitch. It’s springy and soft. I imagine I’ll be showing it as a FO here before too long!