I told you I was on a yellow streak! I know this yarn is the exact same color family as my previous two knitting projects, but it’s the newest addition to my stash. I figure if I am on a streak, I should roll with it! What’s the harm in a little more yellowy golden yarn?

The funny part is, I am so in love with this color right now, but I don’t really care for the taste of mustard. Look, don’t lick! This is Harrisville Designs Orchid Line, a discontinued wool/silk/mohair blend. It’s gorgeous, soft, and has that mohair halo I’m always gushing about. When I swapped for this yarn, I decided immediately that it would be for a project for me to wear. I just haven’t decided what!

It looks like a lot of people have used this yarn in felting projects, but in my opinion, it’s too soft and nice for that. It’s very shiny! Unfortunately yarns that I don’t have firm project plans for tend to get the back seat behind projects I’m already planning, so this may be a stash sitter for a while. But at least I know I have something lovable and inspiring buried in there for a rainy day!