Why, you ask, does this little sheep look so confused? Maybe her head is spinning from being bounced around the USPS system. More likely an identity crisis from working as an undercover, secret pal sheep in a supposedly no-sheep swap! Yes, I’ve received a delightful present from my secret pal, who apparently couldn’t resist the adorableness of this little critter, or else just wanted to see what happens when a sheep has an identity crisis.

My pal also provided some beautiful non-sheepy yarn as a nice snuggly bed for the loopy lamb’s journey! I’m about to finally fulfill my long-ignored desire to knit with linen, and what a lovely selection of linen it is. Maggi’s Linen is a neat 3-ply DK-weight linen/cotton blend, it’s got an almost slubby, thick-and-thin texture that, combined with this great burnt copper color, has got me just itching to knit. I did some swatching this morning, and I look forward to this and other sheep-free projects to show you.