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I know I’ve said that I would try to avoid doing too many food-theme motifs all at once, but now I think I’m just embracing it. Something about foods and fruits is just so iconic, it makes them very easy to render, and of course the inspiration is all around! I was actually knitting today’s cookie during my knitting group at Lovely Bakeshop, and one of the servers got really excited about the idea of knitting all sorts of adorable baked goods! So I may just go all-out with it.


Knitting the cookie was really fun because the printed copy of the chart really looked like a cookie! It definitely made me hungry for chocolate chips. It also inspired my appetite for adorable knitted items… just think of the projects that could be made more endearing with a chocolate chip cookie! And once I add a slice of pie, a cupcake, a cherry, and other cutesie foods to the motif collection… imagine a bigger project with all the food motifs emblazoned on it. So cute!

cookie chart

To knit your own cookie, right-click the chart to save it for your own use on your computer. If you have requests for food-theme or other motifs to appear here in future weeks, just let me know!