I’ve been seeing watermelon things everywhere these days! It seems like every time I turn around, I notice something else that is either watermelon theme or pink/green colored. Is the watermelon color scheme supposed to be hot this year or am I just noticing it more right now? Either way, the obvious response to this phenomenon: if you can’t beat ’em, watermelon ’em!


Or maybe I should say: if live gives you watermelons, make watermelon-aide? There’s got to be an expression around here somewhere that will work. ;-) If you’ve been bitten by the watermelon bug like me, and want to knit this motif, I recommend using a separate bobbin for the greens on either side, starting at row 3 or 4. Otherwise, the 4 colors being carried behind the fruit make the knitting a little bulky, which you wouldn’t want for the adorable little girl’s item I know you want to add melons to!

watermelon chart

Are there any other trends for the summer that I should know about and recreate in knitting? Ever have that feeling where a recurring theme is following you? Let me know so that I can make a motif out of it! It’s like when a song is stuck in your head… sometimes overkill is the only solution!