Today’s motif doesn’t really fit with our current weather or my current mood, but I think it’s a versatile and appealing Motif of the Week anyway. It’s an adorably menacing (or is it menacingly adorable?) thundercloud with lightnight bolt… Zap!


I realize this is the second rain-related motif in the collection already… I’m a recovering Portlander, what can I say? The previous motifs and the list of pending ideas is also pretty heavy in the foods/fruits department, but I’m trying to keep a good balance of themes and not favor certain categories all at once. I’m also eager to fulfill some of the requests for themes that have been left in the comments, so please keep those coming! My brainstorm list for motifs is getting really long… it’s a good thing Monday rolls around every week… (…and I never thought I would be saying that!)

thundercloud chart

If you would like to knit/crochet/embroider/embellish your own lightning cloud, you can right-click the chart above to save it to your computer for printing. Perhaps you would like to use it in conjunction with the umbrella or other motifs found in the archives?