Oops- everything is getting away from me! The days of the week, the changing month, and a backlog of project pictures I need to be sharing with you. Today’s yarn is something that I’ve had in my stash since a recent swap, but since I cast on for a new project with it today, I figured I should show it to you so it won’t be a total surprise to see it in FO form!

It’s Araucania Ranco, the second skein of it to find its way into my stash, but the first time I’m taking the chance to try it. I really love the way these skeins are dyed– the colors kind of muddle and blend instead of having distinct sections, and the effect is lovely, particularly when it’s the earthtones I favor!

Not surprisingly, I’m enjoying knitting with this lovely skein! I’ll be showing you what I have in progress, along with a couple other projects I have pictures of, in the next couple posts.