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hop along

This knitting project is a fun one, in lots of ways. I’m doing a knit-along with two of my coworkers for the Hopscotch Socks… we are all using the same colorway, but each of use are picking up a different color to coordinate with for the heels & toes. We are all at roughly the same point in the pattern so far, and it’s been fun to have each other for motivation and comparison.

I’m having fun with the knit-along, but what I really love is this stitch pattern. It’s kind of like a ribbed version of linen stitch, with the “slip with yarn in fronts” breaking up the colors and making a nice pattern while the columns of purls keep the fabric nice and stretchy. It only took a few rounds of the stitch pattern to identify it as a lasting favorite– the slipping stitches is kind of addicting.  You know you’re having fun when you start planning what other yarns to use for the same project over again!

The yarn? It’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock of course, in a one-off color we dyed up in honor of Festivus, the holiday made famous by Seinfeld. I don’t remember exactly how the inspiration came about for the colorway, but I do know that the blue/brown is supposed to represent the bruising possible during either the “Airing of Grievances” or the “Feats of Strength” phases of the Festivus holiday. What’s more fun that coming up with new colorways to help pass the time when an afternoon drags? Getting to knit with them!