I’m thinking that today’s motif will be a popular one… people who love animals tend to really LOVE animals! Who doesn’t know a dog owner or two who treats their pets like their children, complete with wallet-sized photos and birthday parties? The pawprint motif is for them– wouldn’t it look nice on a felted bag or pet bed?


Please don’t get the wrong impression– I’m not making any sort of criticism of animal lovers. I have definitely been known to go a little gaga over my kitty, and I’m fully willing to admit that my love for her can sometimes stretch the boundaries of irrational. She’s sitting with me right now as I write this, as she usually does. Yes, I am a pawprint motif person. Say it with me now. ;-)

pawprint chart

If you would like to emblazon your pet pride on your latest knitting project, simply right-click the chart above to save it to your computer. I would love to see what you come up with! I’ll be working on “blank” patterns for simple items to add these motifs to, but in the meantime, the world is depending on your creativity– show us what can be made better with pawprints! (Other other motifs, which you can browse right here.)