I think today ends my orphan laceweight skeins series! I do have lace yarns that are already dedicated to project ideas, most of which I have already featured here in the past. Others, like today’s yarn, are just pretty or more recent acquisitions, and I don’t have any ideas for them just yet… so you all and I will just have to be happy to look at them!

This is KnitPicks’ Shimmer, an alpaca-silk laceweight that is lovely! The color, “Morning Mist,” is very icy or wintry to me, so I imagine this yarn has at least 3 seasons to wait for its time to shine! I’ve used this yarn in another color once before, but it was early in my knitting career, pre-Ravelry, and I gifted that scarf away before I was in the habit of photographing my knits. It’s a nice yarn– who could argue with an alpaca/silk blend that is soft and shimmery, and has that charming alpaca fiber halo of fuzz?

I’ve really enjoyed your laceweight thoughts and suggestions! I’m hoping I can craft some more thematic Fiber Fridays with audience participation. The lace-a-thon has been fun!