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country kitchen

I know I always ask you for suggestions for weekly motif themes, but here’s the evidence that I make good on your requests! Back in March, Zonda suggested raspberries, and I’m really glad she did because today’s swatch came out great. So get your ideas in! I will fulfill them in something similar to the order in which they are received.


I’ve been trying to avoid using white as the background color for these swatches, because that would run me out of white yarn faster than any other color! I’m really happy with the choice of pale yellow background for this one… it’s kind of a “country kitchen” color scheme, in that warm, welcoming, summertime-pie sort of way. I’m envisioning a creamy yellow kitchen towel with a few of these raspberries embroidered in the corner… that would be a fun and quick project, too.


If I can find the time, I’d like to reknit this swatch and try using some bobbles or nupps in the bright red highlights. Wouldn’t that add a neat textural effect, kind of like the berry itself? If you’d like to play around with this motif, simply right-click it and save it your computer. You can also browse previous Monday Motifs in the archives.