Today’s yarn is another in my laceweight parade, but at least I have two skeins of this one… the iconic Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I’ve never worked with this yarn, but it seems so ubiquitous that I’m looking forward to it, despite its mixed reviews. I like knitting with laceweight, and I enjoy a variety of tasks that other knitters sometimes find frustrating (like seaming and working with mohair), so I imagine I’ll love it for its delicate softness and unique color!


You guys were so helpful with suggesting laceweight patterns last week… I was introduced to some that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own! Food for knitting thought…. very edifying. So thank you! This yarn will be a tiny bit easier to find a project for, since it’s a solid color and therefore more easily combined with other colors. Of course, the Rowan and the Knitpicks from last week are both still available commercially, so I could always spring for more balls, too.


Do you have any love stories or horror stories about working with Kidsilk Haze?