I’m really happy with my finished Tempest. I’ve already found a couple of opportunities to wear it, and I just know it’s going to get a lot more use because the lightweight fabric is so versatile. Using sock yarn for a sweater might seem crazy if you are too focused on how long it will take, but when paired with larger needles, the sweater was a quick knit and the results are wonderful.

The sock yarn at a looser gauge  yields a fabric that feels wonderful… soft but sturdy.  It’s light weight, so this garment will do double duty: as a layered element to keep warm in winter, and also as a light something to ward off a stray chill during warmer months.

And then there are the colors. This sweater is so striking! I like stripes and red is a color I wear frequently, so I’m really excited with the overall effect… but it is not subtle! Say what you will about the hype surrounding Wollmeise yarns, but there is no arguing that Claudia’s bright colorways  are the height of bold saturation. And I happen to like bright colors!

It’s a little hard to tell in the full sunlight of these pictures, but I used a multicolor red as a second contrast color for the skinny stripes of the waist shaping. It adds some subtle extra detail that I am happy with. Beyond that, the modifications I made to this pattern were minimal– it’s extremely well-written, so it didn’t need much tinkering. I did decide to knit my turned hems at the cast-on edge for sewing later instead of picking up and knitting them at the end, so I knit a few rows stockinette and a turning row before starting the pattern for the back, fronts, and sleeves. Also, I evenly spaced the buttons across the button band, which I bound off using my current favorite technique: I-cord bind-off. It just leaves such a nice, firm-yet-squishy edge!

I am thrilled with this sweater, and I’m really inspired to knit garments and other big projects these days. Even though Tempest was a quick, straightforward knit, I can’t get enough of planning projects that are complicated, involved or lengthy… it’s just so satisfying to conquer them and produce usable, beautiful projects.  So I hope  to have more gorgeously exciting finished products to show you soon!