In going through my stash for a yarn to post today, I realized I’ve got something of a yarn problem. I really love laceweight yarns, and I do enjoy the challenge and endurance test of knitting lace. (I’m having a ball with Maplewing, slowly but surely.) So, I should be thrilled that I have a good selection of laceweight in my stash, right?

flaming gossamer

The problem is, I have an epidemic of lace singletons. They’re lovely yarns with low yardage, and unfortunately they probably don’t go together well enough to be combine into one bigger project. Some, like this firey skein of KnitPicks Gossamer, I received as swappy gifts, while others were the result of impulsive shopping on my part. Either way, I’d like to start gathering some creative or exciting ideas for one-skein lace projects.

gossamer detail

The hitch is, I don’t really have a lot of use for lace scarves. I rarely wear outfits that involve accesorizing, and when I wear a scarf here in Chicago, I usually want it to be thick, large and warm. I could still make some lacey scarves as gifts… I’ve also been thinking of possibly making a lace camisole for myself? Anyhow, over the next few weeks I’ll be parading out my low-yardage laceweights for Fiber Fridays, and I would be thrilled to hear your pattern suggestions for them. What laceweight projects have you excited these days?