What do I need to say about ice cream? It’s the perfect accessory to any dessert, it’s a delightful treat on a hot day, it makes a mean cake and is generally hard to resist. My all-time favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but I figured that iconic vanilla would make a better knitted swatch.

ice cream cone

Right-click the chart below to download it for your own project… how about an intarsia ice cream cone on a baby bib or kitchen towel? I would love to see what projects you come up with, and as  always, feel free to send your requests for future Monday’s motifs. You can browse the Motif of the Week archives here.

ice cream chart

The ice cream buzz around the yarn world is about Jeni’s… we’ve even overnighted a case of it from Columbus to Chicago- it IS worth it. What’s your favorite ice cream?