Welcome to baseball season! While I’m not the most die hard sports fan out there, I love being a Cubs fan in Chicago. Living and working on the north side, you can really tell when there’s a home game from the general mood of the city, the amount of blue shirts, and of course the terrible parking and traffic! Loving the Cubs is a classic “can’t beat ’em, so join ’em” move, since game day excitement is a perfect cure for the possible frustrations of having so many sports fans in one place.


Another thing I love about the Cubs is listening to games on the radio! Baseball is great since the season is so long, with so many games… there’s almost always something going on to keep track of. I love it when they play day games during the week… it makes for terrible traffic but I love listening to the radio broadcasts while I work. It’s kind of like passing the time with an audiobook, only the outcome hasn’t been determined yet!

Anyway, I invite you to share my enthusiasm by knitting yourself something with a baseball on it! Like with the bumble bee, I have left the details off the chart, so that you can add your own with embroidery. (The chart would have to be very big to accommodate the details of the stitching on a baseball!)

baseball chart

You can right-click the chart to do with it what you please– I recommend printing it and working up a sports-theme intarsia project. Are there any other sports you’d like to see represented in future Monday Motifs? For the time being I’m thinking I’ll stay away from team logos or other lisenced images, but if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them.