Here’s the background information on today’s yarn. Remember when I showed that rustic yarn in my stash, saying it’s destined to be paired with another for a striped sweater? Also, you know that striped sweater I am almost finished with (just need to knit the button bands!)? Well, including this stuff, I actually have two more striping sweater’s worth of yarn in my stash. One of my coworkers told me to just get used to the idea that I have a stripey soul. And what better yarn for a stripe person than Noro Kuryon?

noro kureyon

I think this colorway (183E) is going to look really nice with the fustic/logwood dyed skeins. Unfortunately, that sweater is at least two projects out in my mental knitting queue– I’m planning on starting the Estes Vest when I get back from Puerto Rico. A bulky wool vest, just in time for spring! (At least it will be fun and quick to knit.)

noro detail

This yarn seems like it’s either a love it or a hate it. Thankfully I’m in the love it camp! I embrace its varying thickness and occasional quality control anomalies, though I have been known to cut up the colorways to manage the stripes a little more closely. Again, it’s probably the perfect yarn for somebody with a striped soul.

noro x3