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bumble bee

I figure it’s been long enough since the penguin to release another animal for the Motif of the Week. I’m trying not to overload you with too many animals/foods too close together, but there are a lot of those on my list!


While animal motifs seem like a really obvious choice because of how cute and universally appealing they are, they pose a challenge because they are so detailed. In some cases, I’ll have to increase the size of the chart (and the swatch) to be able to use more boxes to make more complicated shapes and details. Instead of doing that for the bee, I made a simple chart and used embroidery to add details. So today’s motif is kind of a “build you own” bee– I’m giving you the basic shape, but you’re in control of the face/wings/legs! Today’s chart has a larger allowance of blank space at the edges to accommodate those details. Right-click the chart to save it to your computer, and then you could print it out and sketch the details in.


Coming up in the near future on Motif Mondays: another “seasonal” theme, and a reader-requested motif. If you have an idea for a future motif, I would love to hear it in the comments or the contact form. Also, please keep me posted if you use these motifs on a project– I would love to see them. Soon I’ll be showing you the project I am making with them, too. As always, you can browse the Motif of the Week archives by checking out the Motif Monday category. They are on Ravelry, too.