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april showers

For those among you who are strictly orthodox in their observation of holiday and seasonal themes, I am probably about a week early with today’s motif. Maybe the umbrella would have been a good way to inaugurate April’s charts with a little seasonal rain. I just couldn’t hold this post back, though! The simple lines and plain colors of this graphic make for a really compelling visual impact, perfect for interpreting in your knitting, crochet or embroidery project.


I changed my mind about what color to use for the umbrella after I made the chart. It dawned on me that rain-slicker yellow was the obvious color choice! You’ll have to use your imagination for the yellow as you follow the purple chart, or you could substitute any color of your choice. You could also get creative with a striped or fair-isle pattern on the umbrella!


Working this week’s swatch got me really excited about doing a rubber ducky motif (must have been the colors)… Until then, feel free to right-click the chart above to download it for keeps… you can print it out for use with intarsia or stranded knitting. As always, I would love to see a link or a picture of your projects with these motifs, and I’m also happy to take requests for future weeks’ themes. (You can leave you links or ideas in the comments on this page.) To browse previous weeks’ themes, view the Motif Monday archives.