Well, I haven’t managed to get in the habit of taking pictures of my fiber before I start a spinning project, but at least this time I can provide a link to the original roving, in case you are interested in how this alpaca fiber looked when I started out.

I spun this FreckleFace Fibers roving from the fold, for a somewhat lofty single that I two-plied from a center-pull ball. I really love the way this yarn came out… the subtley changing gray-green colorway seems to erase any imperfections in my spinning. You know I like those in-betweeny, indescribable type of colors! Particularly when they are greenish.

In this close-up, you can really see those signature flyaway hairs from the alpaca fiber. Oh, the softness. I haven’t named this yarn yet. The original roving’s colorway name is “Pod,” but somehow that doesn’t quite cut it.