Just in time for the sunny, spring-ish day we are having here today, is my latest spinning project, which I call “Sun Spots.” In these hot colors, the mohair locks looping off remind me of those flare-ups you see on pictures of the sun.

I had a lot of fun playing with the locks– it’s the first time I’ve used that type of addition to my handspun, and it was a great time of trying something new. Even though it’s a generous 230 yards of worsted weight, I have no idea what type of project I would make with this yarn, so for the time being it’s offered up in my etsy shop in case someone gets inspired!

Of all my hobbies, spinning is the one craft that makes me wish I had more time! It does take a while to complete a project like this, and the whole time I am spinning, I get a constant stream of ideas for new things I want to try. If only all that spinning didn’t take time away from knitting (and sleep, and work…)! I’m already looking forward to diving in to a new project.