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pot o’ gold

One of the really fun parts of the motif of the week series is that it’s weekly, so the changing seasons or passing holidays can help inspire the theme. I am not normally the type to decorate for a holiday or get too excited about seasonal customs, but when the cuteness of little knitable charts is involved, it seems natural to indulge in the festivities.


So my St. Patrick’s day gift to you all is a pot of gold, waiting for you at last, at the end of a rainbow. Seasonal! Cute! and a good challenge to knit up. Normally I endorse either stranded knitting (fair isle style) or intarsia for these motifs, but there are so many colors in this one that it would be nearly impossible to float them behind for knitting in the round– I recommend intarsia only. (Someday I will show you what the backs of these motif swatches look like!) Of course, it would also be great for embroidery… needle felting….


Whichever craft you decide to use, just right-click the chart above to download it for keeps… you can print it out or save it for a project for next St. Patrick’s day! As always, I would love to see a link or a picture of your projects with these motifs, and I’m also happy to take requests for future weeks’ themes. (You can leave you links or ideas in the comments on this page.) To browse previous weeks’ themes, view the Motif Monday archives.