Today’s motif is a carrot! Don’t you just see Bugs Bunny ready to chow down on this deliciously healthy vegetable? I really like the way this swatch came out– I don’t know why knitting pictures of veggies is so entertaining! Another way vegetables can be extremely entertaining is fully explored at this NSFW link, which I stumbled upon while looking for a good carrot model to work from for this motif. Very silly.

carrot swatch

Actually, my brainstorm list for future Motif Mondays has lots of foods on it, but I’m trying to give you a good range and not release too many vegetables at one time… Also, I would love to entertain your suggestions/requests for motifs! If you leave your idea in the comments, or use my contact form, I would be happy to work up a chart and let you know when it’s published. In the meantime, the carrot is ready for your crafty endeavor:

carrot chart

Right-click the graph to download it for your own use. Print it, knit it, crochet it, embroider it… just be sure to show me pictures of whatever wonderful thing you make! To browse the Motif of the Week archives, click here.