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I decided I wouldn’t do much, if any, knitting for holiday gifts this year. Between knitting and spinning projects for myself, paid sample knitting, and keeping up with the weekly motif swatches, my available crafting time is pretty much booked up.  Since I like to have knitting as a relaxing and inspiring hobby that benefits [...]


At first, I was considering holding onto this design, to launch it in February to celebrate my blog’s third anniversary, but I just can’t contain it any longer. Thanks to the suggestions of several fans of the Skyline Mittens pattern, I’m proud to release the pattern for the matching hat! I just love the way [...]


the key

knitted swatch of key motif

The key to knitting these intarsia motifs is: bobbins. I don’t wind my yarn onto actual bobbins, but I use several different strands to serve their purpose. In lieu of physical bobbins, I just cut the working yarns into several lengths: long enough to hopefully not run out before the swatch is done, but short [...]


So, I spent several hours yesterday making and editing video for a tutorial. My big plan was to launch my series of video knitting/fiber tutorials with today’s post! It turns out, iMovie ’09 has a known problem – I can’t even call it a bug at this point – where it lacks the “Save” function. [...]

knitted sushi (nigiri)

I think I’ve said before that I’m trying not to do too many food images for the Motif Monday series. Now I know why I should stick to that intention… Working on this swatch and writing this post is making me hungry! I’m a huge sushi fan, and if you are too, then today’s Motif [...]

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