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I want you all to know how much of a sacrifice Rob and I are willing to make for you, in doing our best to get good blog photos, even in winter. Sure, lots of bloggers excuse themselves with a comment about the short daylight, and then do their best with indoor, flash photography, but [...]


To continue the nautical theme from my previous post: a knitted lobster! I guess it’s pretty easy to see the connection between boating/ocean activities and sea creatures like lobsters and octopuses, but you might be a little confused when I tell you these guys are also Christmas knitting: A few years ago, my mom asked [...]




I didn’t realize ahead of time how appropriate today’s featured yarn choice would be for my current environment: I am sitting with a riverfront view in the lovely coastal town of Mystic, CT, surrounded by nautical history, and sharing my recently acquired Sea Wool. I received a skein of Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the [...]


I know I’ve been a little stingy with the in-progress pictures for my Catriona vest, but that’s because the knitting on it was pretty boring, and all of the pictures would have looked the same, only slightly longer. I had a hard time working on it because the cables took so much focus yet the [...]


Now that I’ve had the weekend to work on it, I’m doing really great on my finish-along and time-sensitive knitting projects. But for a while there, I was “off the wagon” and procrastinating by starting other projects. Inspired by the Twisted socks I am knitting, I decided to try dyeing my own self-striping yarn, based [...]

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