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ms4 clue 4

The consecutive clues of Mystery Stole 4 keep amazing me every week: while the emerging lace is obviously unified into one design, Georgina has managed to delineate each clue so that it’s a complete surprise and nothing you would expect based on the previous week’s chart. How many more surprises could be in store? It [...]


In case you were expecting modeled pictures of Hanami to appear on the blog next, I have a new ally on my side to help me get out having to make excuses. My blogging partner is an aquatic cephalopod of epic proportions and with limitless capability to intimidate. It’s a ferociously nightmarish monster, the prospect [...]

chewy spaghetti hazy

When I sold my Roof Ridge Socks pattern to Khris from Chewy Spaghetti yarns a while back, I received a box of sock yarn as part of my payment. A box of surprise yarn– I’m sure you can imagine how fun that was to open up! This is just one of the skeins that were [...]

hanami blocking

I hope you will forgive me– I have to admit that my Hanami stole has been finished long enough for me to wear it twice, and I haven’t even shown you the pictures yet! This is inexcusable blogging behavior I know, but I’m hoping you will forget all about it when you see how beautifully [...]


I wasn’t too surprised when I got a slip in my mailbox to let me know that I had a registered package awaiting pickup at the post office. After all, I knew I had a package on its way from my Secret Pal! The surprising part was that the box waiting for me wasn’t the [...]

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