Aug 29th, 2008 yarn p8rn fridays

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a yarn store and ended up picking up some Malabrigo to add to my stash. As I was taking these pictures, it occurred to me: For Malabrigo, I don’t feel like I have to explain myself. This yarn speaks for itself! As a matter of fact, I *did* have a project in mind when I bought this…

hotel boteh

Aug 27th, 2008 crochet, swaps
boteh scarf

By the time you read this, I will have put a lot more repeats onto this Boteh Scarf! I am writing this post ahead of time to show you my latest work-in-progress, which I am taking along on the trip for crocheting on planes, trains, or during that lovely vacation down-time. I started this project completely by accident: it was one of those unforseen synchronicities…


Aug 24th, 2008 knitting, other
jaywalker 2

My jury duty plan to get my Hanami within a weekend’s knitting of finishing was derailed by the fact that instead of spending the day with my knitting in the jury assembly room, I was actually called to be on a panel of interviewees within an hour of being there, and subsequently chosen to sit on a jury that lasted the rest of the week….

from the vault

Aug 22nd, 2008 dyeing, work, yarn p8rn fridays

Today’s feature is another in the category “I’ve had this yarn for a while, but I’m just getting around to photographing it.” It’s Lorna’s Sheperd Sock in 102 Mineshaft, and it’s from the first batch of multicolored yarn I ever dyed! That seems like a really long time ago now, yet I still don’t know what project these skeins will eventually go to. I do…


Aug 20th, 2008 knitting

I have lots of progress on Hanami to show you! I have left the repetitive basket weave section behind and am working my way down the organic “falling blossoms” section. There was a lot of mostly stockinette in the middle there to help things move fast, and now the seemingly random- but steadily increasing in frequency- blossom patterning is keeping me motivated & enthralled. Still,…