Jul 28th, 2008 spinning, swaps
monster hair skein

Please don’t tell anyone how I barely knit a stitch over the weekend. Oh, and please don’t tell them how the spinning progress I’m showing you today isn’t even from this weekend– it’s from *last* weekend! Someone might get the impression that I don’t appreciate weekends as important sources of valuable knitting time– I do! I just don’t know what happened. I had so much…


Jul 25th, 2008 work, yarn p8rn fridays
plymouth tweed

Today’s featured yarn is a little something I just *had* to pick up the other week when I just *had* to stop by a yarn store nearby my work. I had convinced myself that it would be nice to do them a professional courtesy of hand-delivering their Lorna’s order, on the grounds that they had *just* been to our studio the week before… but let’s…


Jul 23rd, 2008 knitting, patterns

Last night, the temperature dipped down into the 60’s, and it was so delightful to sleep with the windows open instead of the air conditioner for once. It was chilly, even! I love sleeping when it is cooler because it makes the cozy blankets and accumulated warmth all the more inviting. That’s how I feel about these Hand-holders fingerless gloves! Looking at these pictures, I’m…


Jul 21st, 2008 knitting

Today’s post is about my yesterday’s labors… soaking and blocking my newly finished Alhambra scarf. It’s fully dry by now, but I am waiting a little while longer before that delicious moment of revealing its finished form when I pull out the pins and set it free. I think I’ll have dinner before I go to work unpinning, to prolong the special moment a little…


Jul 20th, 2008 spinning

A while ago, I showed you some roving from the Dyeing Arts that I had just gotten, and it’s taken me almost a month to spin up the 4 ounces of superwash merino, since I’ve been so busy with other projects. I think it was worth the wait (and I hope you do too!), since I’m really pleased with the way the finished yarn came…