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sock me


As promised, here’s my progress so far with the Duet Skinny sock yarn. I’ve been knitting socks fanatically recently, so there’s a lot of sock to show for myself! I really like this yarn for the feel of the knitted fabric and for the way the colors are working out– I think it’s a great [...]


Rob has a new project at work that means he’s working in a “creative space” (a converted conference room) with a few code monkeys that are his geek friends. The closed door and creative atmosphere means they have a lot of fun while working with each other, and thus came the demand from Rob: need [...]


I can remember a couple instances of reading blogs where people said they particularly loved knitting with this yarn, so it’s been on my “want to try” list for a long time. It’s the Duet Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop, in the “skinny” weight. Surprisingly, it took me a long time to find [...]


I couldn’t even wait to take a couple “before” pictures of my latest fibery endeavor before I jumped right in and started spinning. I had ordered this lovely spindle from Spinsanity to allow me to spin lighter yarns than my heavier homemade one. It’s great! I really love how it looks, and how the square [...]


It occurred to me as I was finishing the toe of my Uptown Boot Sock yesterday, that from tip to toe it had been a 7-day knit. Not only is it so satisfying to get done with a project (well, half of it) so quickly & efficiently, but it’s also the sign of a really [...]

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